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Jane Moore

Principal of The Jane Moore Academy of Ballet, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia






Danielle Williams RAD RTS

Principal of Danielle's Studio of Dance, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia








Beth James

Principal of West Australia Conservatoire of Classical Ballet (WACCB)








Ms Tamara Mote A.C.M.M.

It is with great pleasure & pride that I introduce to you (as a Guest Lecturer) Ms Tamara Mote                                                                             A.C.M.M. who will conduct a workshop on musicality (and how to teach it). Tamara is a                                                                                       multi-talented pedagogue with a wealth of experience in both music and dance. Having trained                                                                             in Ballet initially with Kathleen Gorham, then with the renowned Mme Janina Cuinovas and in                                                                           Character Dance with the amazing Mme Berezowsky before deciding to pursue a career in                                                                                       music, Tamara graduated from the Melba Conservatorium. She has developed a full course for                                                          

teaching music to dancers and dance teachers and I am honoured that she has agreed to come                                                                           

on board and work with us. I know you will gain much from her teaching.






Madam Marina Berezowsky AM

Please click link above for further information.






Igor Moiseyev

Please click link above for further information.









There are a few people that have greatly helped and supported the formulation of this syllabus and it's progression. 





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