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International Character Dance Syllabus

The International Character Dance Syllabus has been designed & written by Australia’s leading exponent of Character Dance, Alida Segal. Her experience began in 1970 with Madame Marina Berezowsky A.M. in Melbourne and continued while studying at the world-renowned Moiseyev School in Moscow, Russia.

After more than 30 years of teaching and choreography, Ms Segal has developed a clear and concise training program. The program takes students from the most basic concepts of Character Dance - through 6 levels - to professional standards in preparation for a career on the stage.

In designing this course, Ms Segal has developed a system of training that can be applied to any ballet student (vocational or recreational) in any school.

Educational & In-service Programs for teachers are a key feature of the program, ensuring that students achieve their goals.

The course includes active physical practice of technique & movement, as well as information about music & rhythm. Elements of ethnology, physics and design are also involved. This results in a more holistic education & understanding of the development of dance styles.

Alida’s method of training has had proven results over many decades. Her reputation in this field is second to none.



Features and Benefits

            ·  Suitable for ballet students aged 10 and above (with min. 3 years of classical ballet training)

            ·  Methodical system through 6 levels

            ·  Flexible structure

            ·  Holistic approach to education

            ·  Assists in the all-round development of ballet students

            ·  Teacher training & in-service programs available

            ·  Music CD’s available

            ·  Master classes available The development of this syllabus is inspired by the experience she has had with the pedagogic and choreographic                             genius of Marina Berezowsky A.M. and Igor Moiseyev. It is dedicated to their memory.

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