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PURPOSE OF STUDY – Character Dance 

A greater range of movement possibilities through

  • increased flexibility

  • increased strength

  • increased agility

  • increase balance & control


Understanding of movement dynamics & musicality through the use of

  • different rhythms & accents

  • different tempi

  • syncopation


Understanding of movement “characteristics” through the use of

  • different posture

  • different gesture

  • different gait


Understanding of dance development through the use of

  • research techniques

  • research materials

  • audio-visual resources


“The benefits of studying Character Dance are many and varied. Apart from the physical and practical enhancements listed above, there are social, historical and spiritual elements involved in this art form.

Dance and music are universal expressions of the integral emotions and artistic creativity of all human beings. All cultures express their joys and sorrows, love, excitement, fear, spirituality and core values through dance & music.

In Australia, where our culture is so richly enhanced with a multicultural population, we have an opportunity to embrace and celebrate a diverse range of traditions. By learning about different life-styles & history through the development of dance and music we can better understand, identify with, appreciate & respect peoples’ difference. This works to foster a more harmonious, and united community.

Most people feel a need or desire to acknowledge, express and celebrate their cultural heritage. Character Dance offers a unique opportunity to display the wealth and beauty of our combined cultural heritage in a professional, visually exciting and moving stage performance art.”

Alida Segal 

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