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Services provided

1. Character dance training for students aged from 11 years upwards

2. Classical ballet technique refinement for vocational dance students

3. Performance enhancement - character role coaching

4. Choreography for performance & competitions

5. Teacher training in technique

6. Lectures & video demonstrations

7. Workshops and master classes for students

8. In-service programs for teachers

9. Teacher training seminars & workshops for teachers

10. Parent information programs

11. Mentoring & private coaching for students & teachers 




Character dance training for students aged from 11

Generally, Character Dance training begins after a solid foundation in Classical Ballet has been established. Character dance utilizes classical ballet technique and vocabulary, extending the students range of movement, stylistic, dynamic & musical experience building a greater diversity of skill and versatility.


Performance enhancement - character role coaching

Principal & Soloist roles often require characterisation as well as technical prowess. In order for their character, personality & story to be immediately identifiable to the audience, additional coaching to develop their interpretive skills is necessary. The rehearsal process for solo performance can also assist in the development of confidence and a healthy self esteem.


Choreography for performance & competitions

Performance experience is an integral element of dance training, allowing the student to test their skills under different (sometimes stressful) conditions: lights; scenery & “props”, stage size/dimension/grade; costuming and a viewing audience. The rehearsal process of ensemble dances teaches students special awareness and trains them to work cooperatively & respectfully in groups, fostering team-work and a sense of community. It also offers their parents (who generally fund their training) an opportunity to understand more about and appreciate what their children are studying as well as to observe and commend their progress.


Teacher training in technique

This usually takes place in small groups over several months however, a series of intensive, 10-hour programs covering basic to intermediate elements of Character Dance Training is also possible for in-service teacher training. Ideally, 4 week-end long programs can be organized (1 each term). With several months between sessions, they have time and opportunity to assimilate & absorb information gained and utilize these elements in their work with their students, thereby solidifying their knowledge before undertaking further training. It also allows time for their experience to give rise to new thought processes & questions. Correspondence & mentoring by phone and or email (or in person where possible) between sessions to further discuss & answer individual teachers questions is also offered.


Lectures & video demonstrations

In Australia, there are no companies offering “live” examples of Character Dance in performance. Through the use of video taped materials, collected over my 35 years of experience in this field, it is possible to demonstrate the differences between Folk Dance, National Dance & Character Dance. When students have an understanding of what is possible in dance, it is easier for them to aim for excellence in their own achievement. Video/DVD lectures offer the students valuable insight and a visual impression upon which to model their own dance style. Video taped material on dance training methods used in major Russian Ballet schools, as well as “Pre-ballet” training at the primary school level is also available.

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